A new meaning in romantic style.

Welcome To Excellency

This is no ordinary venue. This will be no ordinary function. This will be a destination where dreams will become a reality and your wedding will turn into memories.

Elegant Weddings

We have the team, facilities and credibility to successfully execute your wedding event, anywhere to the highest quality.

Stunning Venues

Ready to tend to your every need while always staying one step ahead. Functions at Excellency are not just any function. They are a luxurious evening out.

Impressive In-House Entertainment

Part of Excellency Group, Excellency Midlands is dedicated to serving your guests in the most sophisticated manner and has been doing so for over 10 years.

Our Wedding Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

We proudly provide any service and meet any request regardless of how impossible it may seem. The staff and management would be delighted to welcome you for a viewing at any time, where a full tour of our venue will be provided in the most comfortable of surroundings.

Photography & video

We introduce several camera crews, with recommendations of what Excellency believes is the best team for your function.

Wedding Planners

Our aim is to remove all stress from you, and we will plan everything to make your day as stunning as possible.

Décor Team

Our decorative team consists of members with many years experience in the wedding industry and a large variety of national awards.

Award Winning Catering

The food here will be to an extremely high quality and expectation to leave all guests in absolute amazement.

Food Tasting Sessions

Once a booking is made at Excellency, you and your family will be invited to a food tasting session closer to the date of the function.

Luxury Chauffeur

We provide a service, which no other hall can compete with. Having our own fleet of cars available for chauffeurs driven hire.

The perfect venue for

Your Perfect Day

From a wedding bursting with colour, energy and excitement, beautiful thrones and gorgeous flowers, to a more refined but still exquisite wedding celebration, we provide the ideal space for your wedding.

Versailles Palace Harp

Versailles Palace

Lotus Gardens Image

Lotus Gardens


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Leaving no stone unturned

The Finest, Stress Free Experience

These fairy tales will all be custom made to your personal preference with the help of our award winning wedding planners and designers, in order to leave the most exquisite of lasting impressions.

We leave no stone unturned, and no dream locked away. The staff and management will ensure that all of your requests are met with the finest of arrangements, to provide a stress free experience in one of the most stunning venues in the country.

Decoration 85%
Planing 80%
Catering 92%
Management 80%

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