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Excellency has arguably the best team of chefs (Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Persian and Lebanese) and compiled from the best and most notable restaurants around the country, all at your service to provide a fine dining experience like no other.

The food here will be to a quality and expectation to leave all guests in absolute amazement. The menu which you will be able to choose from has a very large range of starters, main courses, and desserts, all of which you and your family will be able to taste during your complimentary “food tasting feast.” This will be planned closer to your special day.

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3 Course Meals

Canapes & Live Barbeque


Salads & Pre-Starters


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Our Caterers

Once the food has been tasted, we take your feedback into consideration, in regards to what spices and sides you would like with each meal, to make sure everything is perfect.

Excellency is known for being the most outlandish and extravagant, when it comes to the dining experience. We can provide middle eastern stuffed whole lamb to each table, all with their own private chef for live carving of the lamb, to a stunning buffet style dining experience if need be. Our freshly caught whole grilled salmon can be served on each table, alongside our Japanese sushi and sashimi, which can be prepared by our oriental chefs at each table.

The above is a very small sample of experiences we can provide, and we shall always ensure that no matter which menu you choose, the quality and service will never be compromised.

The Excellency Catering Team

One of the most important details of a successful grand function is the catering and the service. We always ensure that our food is up to the highest standard of taste and quality. Our presentations are a work of art, which will undoubtedly leave all your guests in amazement, leavening an impression of excellence.

Once a booking is made at Excellency, you and your family will be invited to a food tasting session closer to the date of the function, where you will be able to taste the menu you have chosen, and vary it according to your desires.


There are three types of menus available, all with a different number of starters, main courses, desserts etc. The quality and standard of all menus is to the highest quality, but the quantity of food and variety is more with the higher menus.

You will be given the option to choose your headchef for the day of your function. The headchef will most certainly be from the country of your choice dependant on your nationality, in order to thrive a menu to your cultures taste.

Here at Excellency we pay the utmost care and attention to ensure life meat abides by Islamic belies, and is Halal. This is a belief we are very serious and strong about, and will under no circumstance accept anything other than halal meat to enter our organisation.

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